New video

Had some time to go through the archives and found something I thought was portfolio-worthy. It’s a demo/overview/tutorial for PG&E’s My Energy account portal. Check it out.

Adding some video

I have been pretty busy training for the Solvang Century in March, the San Francisco Rock and Roll Half Marathon in April and the upcoming Capitola Half Marathon. But I managed to add some videos I’d worked on to the portfolio section in the renamed “Interactive/Video” sub-section. Check them out.

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s a little video I whipped up for my cycle team, recorded using a GoPro on my handlebars and one on my rear rack. Enjoy!

Minor tweaks, moving up

I decided to add some buttons to the portfolio page to spice it up a little and improve the navigation a bit. I think it helped.

Also considering ditching my Adobe CS4 and upgrading to Creative Cloud. I’d get an upgrade discount, so the move would only cost me about $360 for the first year. Not a bad price to get everything in Creative Suite, but Adobe’s recent security breach is somewhat troubling. Maybe I’ll put it on a little-used credit card and lower the limit to reduce my risk exposure.

The transformation continues

I’m really happy with WordPress. It’s a really flexible, user-friendly piece of software. This site is simple enough that I probably could’ve used Dreamweaver to build most of it and just have WordPress power the blog section, but it’s been a fun learning experience so far. I hope that it will make updates and maintenance easier.

Most of the old content has been migrated now, so the site can be considered “live.” But my goal is to make it more lively and update it more often. So, it’ll always be a work in progress…kind of like me, I guess.


January 2, 2014

This site is currently being transformed to a WordPress site. Please check back soon!