VeraSage Institute brochure

VeraSage Institute brochure

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The problem:
Launch VeraSage as the champion of value pricing for professionals and recruit members.

The situation:
VeraSage Institute, a think tank-like organization founded by three certified public accountants, wants to change the way most professionals do business. Instead of charging by the hour, which limits profitability and creates unpleasant surprises for customers when invoices exceed expectations, they believe professionals should charge by the project. This method, called “value pricing,” ensures consistent billing for customers regardless of how long a project takes. (Co-incidentally, Wardog Creative has always used this practice.)

The solution:
The creative team (M7 and Wardog Creative) developed a brochure concept that graphically depicts how limiting hourly pricing is. Value pricing, and VeraSage Institute by association, is positioned as a more profitable alternative.

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