Seagate Cheetah ad


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The problem:
How to introduce a new product while maintaining a strong brand identity.

The situation:
Hard drive manufacturing had just reached its current state, where progress occurred incrementally and manufacturers take turns leapfrogging each other into the performance lead.

Seagate was known as a premium brand: expensive, but always at the top of the performance scale. To maintain this image, an integrated campaign consisting of direct mail and advertising was created to stimulate interest in the Cheetah® product before it entered the distribution channel.

The solution:
With such a strong brand image to work with, the creative team (Natalie Kitamura Design and Wardog Creative) developed postcards that revealed a cheetah image and told resellers to watch a trade publication for the launch ad. When the ad broke, it launched what has become one of the company’s most successful product lines.

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