Yoinket! mobile app assignment

The problem:
How to get the products you need or want when there’s a global pandemic going on and product availability is low and unpredictable.

The situation:
The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything so quickly, supply chains broke, manufacturers suffered outbreak-induced setbacks, and people responded by hoarding basic necessities like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Because necessity is the mother of invention, people responded by creating local groups on Facebook and Next Door so they could share information about product availability in their local stores, but unless you checked the groups frequently, you could easily miss your narrow window of opportunity.

The solution:
Like most people, I also experienced these product shortages. So, when I got the assignment for UX Design Fundamentals, the second certificate module of the Coursera UI/UX Design specialization, I envisioned and designed a mobile app that would allow users to locate hard-to-find items in stores near them and online.

And that’s how Yoinket—the mobile app that lets you grab rare, elusive products automatically—was conceived. (See: project description and wireframes.)

I built the screens in Adobe XD, but part of the assignment was to try a new wire-framing app, so I chose Marvel to build the prototype.