Sybase risk management eBook

Sybase risk management ebook

Unfortunately, this asset is no longer available.

The problem:
How to reinvent marketing during the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression.

The situation:
The 2008 financial crisis exposed a major weakness in most financial institutions; very few could monitor and manage risk at today’s accelerated trading pace. Sybase’s database management and business intelligence solutions are optimized for the type of rapid transactions that rule modern stock exchanges, which enables financial institutions to manage risk in real time. But due to the weakened global economy, the company had to promote their solution with a modest marketing budget. Their solution was unique. Their executive team wrote a book on modern risk management strategies that served as the sole marketing vehicle for the year. But this created another problem: how to generate awareness of the book while keeping the sales funnel filled with qualified leads.

The solution:
Sybase asked CatapultWorks to create an eBook, which would be the major demand-gen tool for the year. As the copywriter on this project, Warren Oshita developed the theme, scripted video and interactive elements—including the backend RSS pipeline for a downloadable desktop widget—and wrote all of the copy.

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