HP Train Ad


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The problem:
How to unify a collection of software and services into one brand.

The situation:
Call centers are a critical link between a company and its customers. Thanks to computer-telephony integration (CTI), some companies have greatly improved their efficiency, as well as customer satisfaction. But the proliferation of websites with customer contact e-mail forms made keeping up with this new contact channel extremely difficult.

Hewlett-Packard offered a variety of software, hardware and consulting services that could remedy this situation. They had been selling them on an individual basis, but eventually decided to package them as a single solution, which would help them simplify the sales process and gain market share.

The solution—an ADDY-winning ad:
Since research indicated that the typical call center manager was overwhelmed CTI technology and intimidated by the challenges the Internet presented, the creative team (Creative i and Wardog Creative) decided that an emotional approach that avoided technical details would be best.

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