Microfabrica rebrand and website

The problem:
How to reposition a novel micro-manufacturing process to attract engineers and investors.

The situation:
Semiconductors often grab the headlines as they shrink transistors ever smaller to satisfy the world’s demand for processing power—not to mention obeying Moore’s Law. But mechanical engineers gain big advantages from advances in miniaturization, too. And that’s where Microfabrica can help.

The original Microfabrica website, captured 5/10/2021 from archive.org.

The company uses semiconductor manufacturing technologies to build structures measuring less than 10 microns. That’s about one-quarter the thickness of a human hair. Compared to competing technologies, Microfabrica has significant advantages in precision, resolution and scalability. But, like many advanced technologies, they’d “built a better mouse trap” and were wondering why the world wasn’t beating a path to their door.

The company faced another challenge: attracting potential investors. The previous website focused on mechanical engineers who already had a solution in mind. It didn’t tell the whole story of how this process can change the world. That’s where I came in.

The solution:
Microfabrica hired R2integrated to update their messaging and website. The result was a user experience that allowed their two audiences—engineers and investors—to follow their own paths and learn about how Microfabrica could help them.

The new Microfabrica website, as captured 5/10/2021.

As copywriter, I worked with an art director to come up with the infinite-scroll layout and the UX journeys through the site. I interviewed the CEO and Director of Marketing several times to craft the user personas in three industries where they were having the most success: micro-electronics, aerospace and medical devices.

It worked. The company was acquired by Technoprobe in 2019 and remains an independent operation.